Eloquence Production & Autocue Services
Eloquence Production & Autocue Services
Eloquence Production & Autocue Services


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Eloquence Autocue Services are pleased to offer you a solution for all of your presentation requirements – Specifically for your budget, needs and requirements.


Corporate pieces to Camera,


Awards    –    Conferences    –    Music Concerts,


Town Halls,


Television     –     Studio  /  OB,


Films,     Computer Games,


Press Releases   /   Junkets and much more….


Contact us now for a tailor-made quote specific to you.


TV Studio / On Location

Whether you are producing live TV or pre-recorded shows Eloquence ​offer all standard cameras, lighting, sound and on-camera autocue systems specific to your needs.​

Music Concerts

Eloquence provides 22” floor standing fold back monitor enabling lyrics/chords/sheet music to be viewed in comfort and give you confidence in your performance. 

Corporate Videos

Eloquence supply discreetly placed lectern based prompting solutions to ensure a truly professional performance. 

Award Ceremonies

Eloquence supply discreetly placed lectern based prompting solutions to ensure a truly professional performance. 

Wedding Speeches

Delivering a speech is one of the most nerve wracking moments of a Groom / Father of the Bride or Best Man’s life. Eloquence provide you with guidance and support and the teleprompting device to suit your big day.

Public Speaking

Get that important message out there with no stuttering or fumbling with cue cards. Eloquence can provide a discreet lectern based prompting system which helps you with the polished performance you and your audience are seeking.


what our clients have to say

  • Sam provides a professional, caring, calming and extremely friendly service keeping any Presenter stress free and happy.  Simply a delight to work with and would recommend her to anyone!

    Maggie Mutch Maggie Mutch, Production Manager
  • Having worked with Sam on several occasions and been witness to her professional, confident and friendly manner. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.  Sam arrives early for every job, is courteous and professional when dealing with clients and always goes above and beyond for the client.  An asset to any team.

    Louise Jones Cuebox Ltd
  • Sam is hard-working and dedicated.  Always calm and professional, even under great pressure to ensure the clients expectations are met.

    Peter Walker Cloudbass, OB Unit Manager
  • I have worked with Sam for many years.  Her attention to detail and enthusiasm for what she does is unbounded.

    Andy Davis JP Morgan, Executive Director
  • Sam was perfect, lovely personality and happy clients!!!!!

    Jo Ketteringham Scripteasetv.co.uk
  • Performed a truly superb job under such tight and to the knuckle timings.  A true professional and will definitely work with Sam again.

    Melanie Newman MI&T Events Organiser
  • Was lovely to have you around.  Only one not panicking!

    Susan Lee - Producer Spun Gold TV
  • Sam is a fantastic crew member to have on location.  From pre-planning all the way through to the shoot day, Sam was clear, helpful and everything always proceeded without a hitch, even when the schedule changes at the last moment!!

    Euan McRae Production Manager - Spun Gold TV
  • Having worked with Sam for over 3 years, I wouldn't employ any other Autocue/Prompt company. We work on a high pressured Live OB environment and her calm professional and efficient command of her role ensures that the job always goes without any problems. Eloquence (Sam) are consistent, reliable and a welcome addition to any crew.

    Davina MacIntyre Production Manager - Mentorn TV

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